Vasi Puica

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Web & Mobile Applications Developer based in London, United Kingdom.


I'm a London based JavaScript developer with a passion for building performant, modern and complex web & mobile applications.

For the past 11 years, I've been helping companies of different sizes, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises, to deliver high quality ideas and products on time and on budget. Some of the sectors I've been active include: Finance & Investment, E-Commerce, Travel & Catering, Digital Agencies and Publishing.

Currently working with JavaScript/TypeScript, React (including React Native), Redux, Electron (OpenFin), RxJs, GraphQL, and Gatsby.

Recent Years Experience

JavaScript (TypeScript, ES7, React 16, Redux, Material UI,GatsbyJs), HTML, CSS, GIT, Styled Components, Unit Testing(Jest, React Testing Library,Enzyme), Node.js, Firebase, RxJs, WebSockets.
SEP 2019 - MAR 2020
Schroders, London
JavaScript (ES7, React 16, Redux, Material UI), HTML, CSS, GIT, Styled Components, Unit Testing (Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme)
JUL 2017 - SEP 2019
Adaptive Financial | JPMorgan & Chase Co, London
JavaScript (TypeScript, ES7, React 16, Material UI), Electron(OpenFin), HTML, CSS, GIT Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme, RxJs, Web Sockets, Node.Js (ExpressJs).
JUN 2016 - JUL 2017 (Condé Nast)
JavaScript (React), ClojureScript (Reagent), CSS(Sass), HTML.
NOV 2015 - JUN 2016
GFT Technologies | Deutsche Bank, London
JavaScript (AngularJs 1.x), HTML, CSS, GIT, Karma, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Mocha.
JAN 2015 - JUL 2016
Co-Founder@Teektak Llc, London
JavaScript (AngularJs 1.x), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT.


  • Modern JavaScript
  • React & TypeScript
  • HTML & CSS
  • NodeJs
  • GraphQL
  • React Native
  • Gatsby

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